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Among Key Consultants' partner list are the top technology companies in the IT industry. Our partners trust that we're not only providing their best-in-class solutions, but are offering world class service indicative of their reputations and our own. That's what has forged partnerships that have lasted far longer than many others in the industry.

Your business has invested heavily in powerful servers, computers, and laptops to support your employees in their daily work. But if you haven’t maximized the potential of your IT network, you’ll never experience top performance from your machines. By optimizing the way traffic flows across your network, you can help your staff get more done in less time – often without buying more hardware.

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What’s your vision for your IT network? No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, Key Consultants can help. We offer a wide range of network-related services, including:

  • IT network support.Need a hand with day-to-day maintenance and optimization of your network components? Let Key Consultants provide troubleshooting and problem fixes so that your IT staff can focus on more strategic work.
  • Traffic optimization. Have your employees been complaining about slow downloads and uploads, delays in processing, and application latency? Our network experts can analyze your current traffic patterns and optimize routing for faster overall performance.
  • Network expansion services. Adding switches and routers to your network? Need to increase your network capacity? Let Key Consultants provide valuable insights and hands-on assistance throughout your project.
  • Network security consulting. Viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other malicious programs can bring even the healthiest network to its knees. Key Consultants provides IT security solutions that help protect your systems – and more importantly, your customer and employee data.
  • Virtualization services. Have you heard the buzz about virtualization? Companies of all sizes and in all industries are using virtual servers to streamline their hardware footprint, cut power costs, reduce their maintenance burden, and provide better application performance to employees. Our virtualization consultants can help you get started.

Ask Our IT Network Support Experts
Give your employees the high availability and reliable connectivity they need to keep powering your business growth. Key Consultants is an IBM Advanced Business Partner that can provide the guidance you need. To learn more about our IT network support services, call us today at (508) 898-3264.

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