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IT Services in the Boston Area: Keep Your Systems – and Employees – Working

Servers crash. Email goes down. Computers freeze up. Many companies simply accept these inconveniences as a fact of life in our digital age.

But you know better. You realize that if you can minimize disruptions to employee productivity, you’ll propel your company to higher levels of business performance. All it takes is the right approach to managing and supporting your IT infrastructure.

Give your IT staff the assistance they need to maximize the uptime of the systems your workforce relies on each day. Key Consultants delivers IT services in Boston and throughout the metro area.

Tap Into a Wide Range of IT Services
Need some expert help to complement the skills of your in-house IT staff? Whatever your needs may be, Key Consultants can deliver:

  • Tech support. When IT problems arise, rapid response is essential. Work with an IT partner that has a local presence and is committed to providing a high level of service. Key Consultants will get to know your systems – and your team – and will work to restore your servers and computers to full functionality as soon as possible.
  • Network support. Want your servers and computers to run at peak efficiency? Key Consultants provides IT network support to keep traffic flowing freely across your network. By optimizing your network, you can get better performance out of all your IT systems.
  • Hardware implementation services. Want to consolidate multiple server applications onto a small number of IBM BladeCenter servers to save energy and reduce rack space? Hoping to make the transition from mainframes to Intel-based processors? As an IBM Advanced Business Partner with 28 years in business, Key Consultants can help.
  • Software consulting services. Need to install sophisticated new applications to support a new e-commerce website? Want to add credit card ordering to your current site? Key Consultants can provide the strategic and tactical guidance you need.
  • Managed IT services. Boston-area companies that lack an in-house IT staff – or have a small IT team but want to turn certain tasks over to a partner – should consider working with a managed IT services partner. Key Consultants can deliver a fixed package of IT services for a predictable monthly fee.

Ask Us About IT Support in Boston and Beyond
How do you know you can trust Key Consultants to deliver reliable IT services for your Boston-area organization? Because we have a wide range of customers – many of whom have been with us for decades. Because we’ve developed a deep understanding of best business practices. And because we have strategic partnerships with today’s leading technology providers such as IBM.

Find out more about our IT support services. Call Key Consultants at (508) 898-3264 today.

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