Success Stories

The success of Key Consultants is measured through our customers. In our 28 years of business, we've been fortunate to be a part of more success stories than we have time to illustrate. Here are a few to review:

A metal forming manufacturer experiences the power of BladeCenter

One of the most memorable implementations that Key had the opportunity to work on was for a metal forming manufacturer in Central Massachusetts. With the support of our BladeCenter specialists, this manufacturer was able to seamlessly implement a BladeCenter "S." The results were:

  • An elimination of 40 service contracts through consolidating 40 server applications onto one BladeCenter
  • A significant reduction in server rack space
  • A 55% reduction rate in energy consumption
  • An expansion in memory and storage capacity

Lew Horton Distributing Co., Inc. set its sight for B2B E-Commerce

Lew Horton Distributing Co., Inc. is a prominent sporting goods distributor in Central Massachusetts. They have relied on Key for all of their AS/400 IT support and needs for the past 15 years.

Key planned and strategized an E-Commerce direction for Lew Horton. The web site was to be a B2B site between Lew Horton and an international network of dealers, but provisions were made for consumer access and browsing with pointers to local dealers. Some features of the site included:

  • Hosted capability on a Netfinity server and linked (via LAN) to the Power i.
  • A web application, developed with Cold Fusion and integrated with the existing order system on the Power i using SQL, C+ and RPG
  • An entire inventory was integrated into a catalog and updated with each transaction.
  • Functionality built to allow multiple search functions, pictorials of merchandise, order entry/maintenance, order history and purchasing history analysis
  • Credit card ordering was enabled and secured via SSL using VeriSign

Sweeney Transportation enters the E-Commerce age

Sweeney Transportation is a freight transportation, warehousing and distribution company in Western Massachusetts with multiple freight terminals in the Northeast and they service the entire United States. This client had an older E-20 AS/400 running a COBOL trucking application

Key was brought in several years ago to maintain the existing application (which was unsupported and without source code) and develop new modifications wherever possible. Key brought Sweeney to the E-Commerce age with the purchase of a new Power i, a newer, more robust software solution and the design and implementation of the site, which has the following features:

  • A Netfinity server linked to the Power i via TCP/IP is the web host
  • HTML pages to present a rate calculator, pickup/delivery requests, track shipments, print freight bills /invoices and analyze inbound/outbound freight.
  • Multi-password and Firewall protection are active on the Sweeney site
  • Mobile access from their warehouses and planned access from their fleet of trucks
  • Harbinger EDI to allow inbound freight bills and outbound shipping advice and invoices

Modernizing BFI's IT direction

This Boston area print manufacturer brought Key in to modernize and oversee their IT technology and direction. They were running a custom application on an AS/400 Model 200 in advanced S36 mode. We upgraded their site to a Power system and converted their entire application to native mode. This client was eager to get on the web and Key designed and implemented the following for their website:

  • Netfinity as the web host
  • Farabi Technology residing on the Netfinity to allow web-to-host integration and give clients access to inventory, billing, and schedule information for their print jobs
  • On-line ordering to maintain a high level of security with password and firewall protection
  • An automated tracking feature of on-line forms inventory allowing BFI to generate re-order notices to their clients
  • Interfaces to the Heidelberg presses, control stations and graphic arts workstation equipment to allow storage and retrieval of document inventory and designs over the LAN with the Power i as the principle server.

Key moments in Key Consultants history

  • Establishing IBM Partner Status
  • Establishing Advanced BP Status
  • IBS Partnering and first client status
  • Partnering with Vision Solutions


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