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Transforming IT from Burden to Asset: A Case for Managed Services
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What’s the value of your IT infrastructure? If you’re like most IT leaders at small and midsized businesses (SMBs), this may strike you as a strange question. That’s because many SMBs don’t think of IT as an asset – they consider it overhead. A headache. A drag on the bottom line.

But it’s no secret that technology is essential to the success of companies of all sizes. In fact, in a recent IT survey of small businesses, 96% of respondents said they realized IT was important to their growth.

So, where’s the disconnect? Most companies spend far too much of their technology budget on IT maintenance, and not nearly enough on IT innovation. If your company falls into this category, you can start turning the tables with a free white paper from Key Consultants.

In “Transforming IT from Burden to Asset: A Case for Managed Services,” you’ll learn:

  • Five common challenges that keep SMBs from making the most of their technology.
  • Why having a lack of codified IT processes actually wastes time in the long run.
  • The real danger of “hand-to-mouth” IT spending.
  • What you absolutely must know before you even consider outsourcing IT.
  • The nine key characteristics of a reliable managed services provider.

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